Healing Frequencies, Transforming Lives

Offering Remote Healing, Crisis Counseling, & Energy Work for Inner Balance & Personal Development. The use of interdimensional healing is based in part on the principles of quantum entanglement.

Empowering Well-Being Through Holistic Healing

Empowering Well-Being Through Holistic Healing

At Ontario's The Kai, I believe in the transformative power of holistic healing, blending ancient wisdom with modern approaches to foster well-being and transformation. I provide interdimensional healing services globally by phone. With over four decades of expertise, I offer diverse practices to support your journey toward inner harmony and well-rounded wellness.

Ontario's The Kai

Areas of Practice

  • Remote Healing
  • Healing Personal Problems
  • Pain Alleviation/Energy Work
  • Soulmate Connects
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Creating/Enhancing Home or Physical Space
  • Advanced Work
Ontario's The Kai

My Gift

In 1990, I received a calling that helped me save a woman from killing herself as a part of a vision. At the risk of sounding crazy, I found the woman's name and phone number in the phone book. I explained what had happened and asked if it made any sense to her. She told me she was thinking of killing herself. I made a verbal contract against self-harm. We met at her place, and she told me what had happened over the holidays. I listened compassionately. Offered her the names of local therapists. She told me: “The universe put you in my path, and since you heard my call – that's all I need to keep going.” She recovered over a month or so within her own network of support. (This is told in more detail in my memoir: “A Long Initiation: Unexpected Magic”