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Shamanic Vision and Healing

A common sense evaluation of shamanic phenomena reveals perceptual combinations that are ordinarily overlooked. Perception denotes receptive and active focus filtered through the body knowing, the emotional center, the mind which interprets the raw data. In short perception is a facility that intreprets raw data into meaningful and actionable results.

Shamanic Vision and Healing








• Remote Healing

• Perceptual Acuity Sessions - via Shamanic Perview

• Healings

• Crafting Your Reality & Building Destiny/Mastery

• the Highest Potiential - analysis

Pain Alleviation


How I work - Seeing and Healing

• Energy work

• Creating /Enhancing a home or physical space ---------------

• Home Cleansing / Ghost Removal - healings-----------------

• Analyzing/Seeing Romance Soulmate Possibilities

• Crisis Counseling



sliding scale: $80 - $500

Perceptual Acuity is the ability for finely tuned perceptions for discerning problems and solutions. Often when we immediately think of perception our mind is automatically drawn to eyesight and vision. Pereption includes the obvious 5 senses (vision, olfactory, auditory, gustory (taste) and tactile (touch), In addition there are kinestics or movement, accleration, balance, temperature, time and pain. Perception is often narrowed within each of the senses. Interpretation of the the senses is often limited to a reductionistic approach of the mind or through cognition.

Learning perceptual acuity allows us to utilizes our three centers - somatic knowing (our body), emotional or heart knowing and mind knowing together to discern input and map the territory of the problem and then form a solution!

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Astrological Services







A popular misconception about astrology is that it is a tool for predicting the future. Our ideas about the future as a place of paradise are greatly exaggerated. When astrology is used as one of the many shamanic tools we have then we can use it to create opportunities for good timing and better luck. Astrology is about the parameters of the future as related to our being. Then our experience is a challenging adventure of accomplishment, prosperity and destiny!

Intuitive Natal (Birth) Chart Report -

• Full Astrological Session/Report with follow-up -

• Relationship Session / Report -

• Future and Growth Session / Report -

• Higher Self and Esoteric Session -

• Updates -

45mins to 1 hour --------- $80 to $95

2.5 /3 hours total -------- $500 to $900

1.5 hours ----------------- $150 to $250

1 - 2 hours --------------- $80 to $195

1 - 2 hours --------------- $80 to $200

30 - 60 minutes --------- $60 to $100


This is how I used to explain astrology, and while the correlative systems may hold up astrology according to history and logic, there is another explanation of the underpinnings of astrology.

Every physical substance creates an EM or electromagnetic field. Astrology arising from ancient origins describes the EM fields of the planets of our solar system. Both explanations are substantive.





Business Services



Shamanic Sessions for Individuals in Business - Advisor / Advisee

• Full Perceptual Analysis and Dynamics of Indviduals in Business

• Entreprenual Stragegies and Analysis

Company Perspectives, Advancement and Flow

• Strategies for Navigating and Advancement in Company Landscapes

Indigneous cultures in Northern America speak to the seven directions. We are most familiar with the 4 directions or north, south, east and west. There are also the directions of up and down. The one we miss is within.

Business analysis often begins with the parts. When we look at the whole more information can be gleaned from pictures of a business than looking at a single part.

Pictures reveal the dynamics of a business that can be viewed from many perspectives to develop a full picture.




Interships, Education, Workshops



Vortex Workshops

Planned for 2017

Beginning courses (Opening to Shaman Work) are 1 hour sessions every other week over 8 weeks for 4 sessions. Fees are by arrangement. Intermediate and advanced work is be arrangement only. Internships are available after taking the beginning course Opening to Shaman Work. All course are on hold until 2017.

Contact me for information about internships / apprencticeships


Once or twice a year workshops are given. Since 2010 workshops are given within Vortexes with special themes and enhanced healing opportunities. We gave two workshops at Mount Shasta in 2010 and 2011. Many were given at the both the Sonoma and Bolinas Vortexes from 2012 to 2015.

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All Services are on a sliding scale $80 to $500 per hour unless otherwised noted

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