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From June to Thursday October 5, 2017 my schedule is one of limited availability

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The Dark Ages are Now Visible

We are all living in a time of great upheaval and change right now. We have known that this change was coming and that it is necessary to move us to the next level, but that does not make it easy. Many of our institutions and structures are falling apart and many of us feel uncertain where to turn for serenity in these uncertain time. I suggest you turn to Ontario.

An autobiographical novel is coming soon

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Now that the dark ages have become visible through the 45th President (Elect) of the USA many opportunities are now available so that we can transform the world into a place were peace and justice may prevail for all. To begin its important that we work on being present and noticing our breath, evoke feeling, compassion and love for our selves and all others (people, animals, trees, water, and Earth...) Sign petitions, mobilizing and organizing.

I work as a shaman in alternative healing. Using a variety of tools through expanded perception I assist you in creating what you want. I teach you to use these tools yourself. I work to heal you by allying with the healer within you- teaching you how to heal yourself if you wish. I was born a natural and do not follow the traditional Native American shaman or red path.

The future is what we make of it!

When we feel empowered then knowing the future is no longer as important and we live in the adventure of our lives pointed on the path of Destiny.

This is the Way of Mastery!


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